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Neptune Tango Marathon is a three-day whirlwind of tango emotion in the heart of Gdansk Old Town. 

Polish Baltic Philharmonic is opening its doors to the revellers, who will be able to enjoy the host's high performance flooring and their awe-inspiring sound system.

Music will be provided by an international DJ team, and throughout the event, tea, coffee (and water) will be on tap.

We will also boost your energy levels with hot soup and sweet snacks.

For the tireless dancers, there will be pre- and after- parties, as well as a flash mob in a terrific setting.

Step into Gdansk, step into Tango!

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Marcelo Almiron

He is an active tango dancer since 1990. He has been a DJ since 2002 in many milongas in Buenos Aires and is a resident DJ in the most important milongas in Poland, from where he has been a resident for 5 years. He has also djed at many international festivals and marathons and as a popular guest DJ in milongas around Europe. His favourite orchestras are: Francisco Canaro, Juan D'Arienzo, Francisco Lomuto, Tipica Victor and Enrique Rodriguez, Demare Calo. His style is traditional but very personal: "I like tandas with orquestas from 30's and 40's and some from late 40's and 50's”.
“There are no rules during my dj sets. Only the flow and energy of the floor are important!"

Pavel Wagner

Pavel started his DJ career in 2008. Since 2014 he was regularly DJing and hosting the outdoor Milonga in Sydney Darling Harbour and was DJing at Tango Synergy, La Belle Epoque and Pablito’s milonga in Sydney - Australia. In 2014 and 2015 he DJed at BASH tango festival and 2016-2018 PORT MACQUARIE – major Australian festivals. Recently he returned back to Germany and started DJing on the local marathons in Europe. Pavel loves golden age tango and avoids “experiments” with unknown tandas. He likes Pugliese, but majority of his music is light and rhythmic. His loves Canaro Milongas and Biagi Valses, but his passion will always be D’Arienzo

Hugo Rodriguez Musicalizador proposes a selection that is closer to the Buenos Aires tradition than some of the European styles of today; it is dynamic and sparkling, reviving forgotten orchestras and paying particular attention to the singers. Interpreting what each dance floor has to offer, providing the dancers with something to make their sense quiver so the music entices them onto the dance floor, filling their hearts with emotion. His theatrical experience helps him to interpret the public's mood, acompanying him to a "buena onda". Since 2006 Hugo has studied with O. Natucci, D.Boggio, Felix Picherna and Others. He participated in festivals and milongas in Italy, France, Germany, Principality of Monaco. Hugo makes use of a blackboard where he marks the current tanda and the following one, not with the intention of teaching the dancers but to help them to organise themselves so they don't miss any opportunity to dance to their favourite orchestras. "Every milonga should be a unique and unrepeatable experience, nothing is left to chance with no stone unturned".
Joseph Samaha

I started DJaying in Paris, in 2011, at Académie de Tango ( Luis Bruni dance school), when, at one milonga, Luis asked - who would like to learn DJaying? He quickly put me at work, and I had hard time to start borrowing, collecting, and listening to hundreds of tango pieces…. Then paying more careful attention to all Djs in all milongas, to feel the differences, the likes and dislikes… Whatever playlist you work out will, at a time or another, seem imperfect, missing tonus, missing harmony somewhere. And you spend hours, and sleepless nights to browse, listen, modify, try, erase, recompose, searching for the perfect notes. I am sure most of fellow DJs, those who are really passionate, get addicted, and DJaying becomes for them Art for Art…. For the pleasure of all dancers. Fortunately for all of us, there are also many creative DJs exploring all facets of Tango, and mixing traditional sounds with more powerful beats of great modern orchestras. I have had the chance and pleasure to DJ in several cities, several countries ( Russia, Malta, Lebanon, Spain, Belgium, Budapest, France) I am regular co-DJ at OXYGENE milonga on Sundays, in Paris, ( organized by IMED ) and at L’Atipica, alternativ-neoclassic milonga, in the 12th district ( organized by Yannick Lhermitte ). In Budapest I often DJ at Tago Harmony orchestra milongas( KAT BARTHA ), at Tamas Huszar neo-milonga ) and Budai Tango Klub Sunday Afternoon milonga ( Marta Pfaffy )


First of all she is a dancer. Since she was a child, dancing was a part of her life and finally became everything for her. From being a dancer to being a Dj the way was very short. She started Djing in 2011 at regular milongas in Warsaw and then at Marathons and Festivals across Europe. Respecting the mood of the dancefloor  and keeping balance between rythmical and romantic tangos, music make people dance till the very last tanda. She cares about variety and smoothnees of tandas so the music bring lot of energy and unexpected emotions to our movement and soul.

It is the MUSIC that inspire us to dance!


TomaSZ is commited dancer of tango and well known DJ tango heavily associated with  Tri-City background.
The music he plays is based mostly on Golden Age orchestra. He likes to present his music to his friends dancing on the woodfloor especially at Pick’n’Roll in SOPOT.  He chooses tandas which inspiring both beginner and more advanced dancers. His favourite orchestras are: Anibal Troilo, Carlos Di Sarli, Francisco Canaro, Osvaldo Fresedo, Miguel Calo and recently Fulvio Salamanca. Cortinas are also very important to him.


I’m dancing since...I do not like to count time; tango is uncountable and time independent. I ’m a DJ of Polish coast - I play at milongas in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. I was one of organizers of Milonga ‘Atelier’ in Sopot and Milonga ‘Otwarta’ in Gdansk. My DJ’s motto is “people – space – energy – diversity – balance”. The music I play is based on Golden Age’s tangos, but the time frames are much wider – from 1920s to contemporary performances of classical tangos.


I'm enthusiastic dj and tanguero from Novosibirsk, Russia. I djed on lot of festivals, marathons and regular milongas across Russia and Europe (Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Litva, Georgia). I'm classic dj with the great love to Golden Age music but I like to find interesting and inspiring music from 30s and 50s. My personal favorite orchestras are Anibal Troilo, Ricardo Tanturi, Angel D'Agostino, Enrique Rodriguez, Francisco Canaro and Tipica Victor. When I'm playing music, I'm trying to choose only inspiring songs for tandas as well as for cortinas, music that will invite people to dance and create joyfull atmosphere.

Kasia Press
Since getting into tango in 2003 she's been dancing, teaching and traveling while also becoming a tango DJ. Whatever she picks up she does with infectious passion. For all the beautiful tangos out there she can conjure a unique ambience. She enjoys what she does: creating moods, influencing their changes, observing the dancers and playing to their delight. She played during nearly all marathons in Poland including: Wrocław, Łódź, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Olsztyn.

Rules for Registration

  • Registration will begin on January 27, 2018 at 10.00 am.

  • Event capacity: 150 people.

  • The costs of participating in the NTM:

  • Basic Package: 240 PLN pp - admission to all milongas NTM, hot and cold drinks, snacks, hot soup.

  • Package Plus: 320 PLN pp - Basic Package as above, plus 3 main courses.

  • To register for the event, please fill in and send us the Registration Form. You will then receive an automatically generated message confirming the receipt of your application. Note, this is not yet a confirmation of a place having been allocated for you.

  • Applications are accepted both “in pairs” and “solo”. We suggest you apply as a pair to ensure your comfort.

  • You will receive a response from us within 14 days. We will either confirm your participation in the event, or we’ll write to you putting you on the “standby list”.

  • If you receive a message confirming your participation in the event, at the same time we will send you the bank account number to which the amount due for participating in NTM must be paid, in the amount depending on your selected option.

  • Note: all bank charges (including bank commissions and foreign exchange fees) are to be covered by the payer. In case of underpayment, the participant is obliged to make up for the shortfall as soon as possible.

  • Upon receipt of the full amount, you will get the final confirmation of participation in the event. Please note that for registration in pairs, the full payment for two people amounts to 480 PLN for Basic Package / 640 PLN for Package Plus.

  • In case of cancellation until February 28th, 2018,  60% refund of the deposit will be given. In case of cancellation until May 10th, 2018, 40% refund will be given.

  • We regret to inform you that no refunds will be given after May 10, 2018.

  • Smoking on the PBF premises is strictly forbidden. The Organisers will provide you with a designated space outside the PBF building.

  • Participation in the event requires reading the Rules for Participation and accepting them.

With warm greetings,

NTM Team



NTM milongas will be taking place in the Jazz Hall of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic in the heart of Gdansk Old Town. The revellers will be able to enjoy its 150 m2 of oak flooring and the excellent sound system.

To boost your energy levels, snacks and drinks, both hot and cold, will be available in the adjacent Oak Hall.

For those participants who drive, free parking facilities will be provided directly outside the building.

May we remind you that smoking is forbidden inside Polish Baltic Philharmonic and a designated smoking space will be provided outside.

sala jazzowa

Tango on the Motlava river a cruise aboard the galleon LEW!

If you are yet to learn how beautiful the city of Gdańsk looks from the water, this is the unique opportunity to combine sightseeing with the argentine tango!
We would like to invite Neptune Tango Marathon participants to join us for this unique experience - tango aboard the galleon “Lew”, a 90 minute cruise along the Motlawa river, to Westerplatte and back. DJ TomaSZ will accompany us. If you would like to join us on this adventure, click “I'm joining!”*. The number of tickets is limited and they cost 30 zl ( 7 EUR) per person. Tickets will be available at the NTM front desk.
We will be happy to have you with us!

* Only for NTM participants.

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